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Delayed Post Eid Haul

Hello everybody, hope you're all well! This probably is the late-st post-eid shopping haul to go up in the blogging world but better late than never, right? I didn't burn all my preciously collected money in one go and tried to buy only what I strictly needed. The haul is a small one but it's all I have for now. Enjoy :)

I made stops at Shaheen Chemist, D Watson Chemist, The Body Shop and Illusions.

Makeup wise this is what I bought. It's the second time that I'm purchasing the Twilight Kit by Luscious Cosmetics because in all honestly, apart from the lipsticks this is the only decent product they have to offer. The reason I got a second one of the same palette is because I dropped the first one and instead a being my favorite portable palette it is now colored powder! I'll show you guys the pictures sometime! The makeup bag and eye-liner pencil are included in the kit.

Price-Rs. 999

I don't usually find my self reaching out for hair products but every once in a while there is an exception. I bought myself the Intense Defense Heat Spray by Nicky Clarke because I really love their volumizing spray, and thought I'd give other products from their line a try as well. The Sunsilk Hold Me Forever Hair Spray is my first ever good quality hair spray that I own. It is miiiiles better than the 2 Pound Super-drug's own brand sorry excuse of a hairspray that I currently posses. Next, since I'm a sucker for anything and everything Body Shop, no matter how outrageously over priced their Pakistani outlets are, I went ahead a bought my self their Coconut Oil Hair Shine wax kinda thing that helps immensely in the daunting task of taming my frizz prone hair.

Sunsilk Hold Me Forever Hair Spray-Rs. 290
Nicky Clarke Internse Defens Heat Spray-Rs.320
The Body Shop Coconut Oil Hair Shine-Rs. 800

I wrapped up my trip by getting a spare tub of my holy grail moisturizer, which is the Olay Natural White. I was running dangerously low on my other tub and decided to get myself a backup before I had to endure a day without this moisturizer on my face *oh, the horror!* Next, to keep body odors at bay in this humid weather I purchased Secret's Invisible Solid Deodorant which'll hopefully work better than the Fa ones I've tried and disliked up till now. Being the candle sucker that I am, I just had to get my self another one from Illusions, because it really goes very well with the color combinations of my room! :)

Olay Natural White Moisturizer-Rs. 295
Illusions Color Zone Candle-Rs.540
Secret Invisible Solid Deodorant-Rs.245

Hope you enjoyed, let me know if you'd like a review on any of the products mentioned. Until next time, tc :)


  1. HEY! can u PLEASE review the sunsilk hair spray??

  2. Great haul. Also try the secret gel deodorant . It's the best!

  3. @jollywoodqueen- Sure I'll try to get it done by next weekend (university makes it so hard to blog alot haha)

    @Pandora's Box- I will as soon as I'm done with this one :) thanks

  4. hey dude !did u get body shop stuff from ISB??lemme know from where?do they have their outlet here??gr8 post btw
    Do tell me about haet spray too. at 320 it seems a catch

  5. @Cheeky Chic- Yup, I got everything from Isbd. They have two franchises, one is in Jinnah Super near Generation, opposite Pizza Hut. The other one that has recently opened is in F-10 Markaz. Other than that you can get some of their products at shops like D-Watson(Super) and Hayee's(Jinnah).

    Hope this helped :)

    I'm currently working on the hairspray review. It will be up in a day :)

  6. yo ..that was helpful , im keeping an eye for their colored cosmetics..plus no better way to welcome winter than enriching with body butters..ty dear
    will look out for the hairspray review

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