NOTD-Crackle Dissapointment

Hey everybody. To say I'm a huge fan of the Crackle Trend that has been making waves everywhere, would be a lie because in all honesty, I'm not. I'm someone who is neat and prim so the crackle doesn't really appeal to me on a grand scale. However, I don't hate it and still wanted to own something crackle inducing just in case I got on board with the trend. Once upon a an apology haul, I got my hands on Golden Rose's Graffiti Nail Art nail polish which I very wrongly deduced to be a regular nail polish instead of a crackle one! I was just trying it randomly when I found out that it was indeed a crackle polish so I decided to test it out a bit. The results are below-

I know the crackle nails don't look too shabby in the pictures but seriously guys, it was a hard task. First of all, the crackle is just plain weird, it really isn't pretty, or even, just a mess. Secondly, in normal daylight conditions you can NOT see the crackle, it just looks like you asked a two year old to paint your nails because it looks clumpy and gross. I took the photos on a very specific angle with alot of flash so that's why you're able to see what you can. Maybe it's soo hard to see the crackle because of the black underneath, but the thing is that the green (although it looks gorgeous in the bottle) really is a yukh color when applied with other shades and nothing looked half as decent as this. Since the nail polish comes somewhere in between 150-200 I'm willing to get another color and give crackle nails another chance. It would be very cool if we could find an easily available alternative to OPI's Shatter Polish in Pakistan less than half the price.

Have any of you  tried Golden Rose's Grafitti Polishes? Let me know.

Until next time, tc :)
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