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Review-Sunsilk Hold Me Forever Hairspray

This is my first ever requested review so I'm ecstatic to be doing it, even though there was a delay in actually getting this up. The reason for this is the hairspray that I got in a recent haul seemed to produce different results on differently textured hair. The Sunsilk Hold Me Forever hairspray comes in two different types of holds, the one I have with me is the flexible hold one.

This hairspray is one of those products that work wonderfully for one person, but for another one it's reaps terrible results. Thankfully it worked for me, but not for my sister.  Firstly, the packaging is good to look at and since it's a humungous bottle, it won't look too shabby sitting at you dresser. The hairsprays smell is pleasant enough as well, it kinda tangerine-y, if I may.My hair type is wavy-curly/fine-medium thickness and I've never dyed it. My sisters hair is as straight as it can get, color treated and has a fine-medium thickness to it as well.

For me, the hairspray gave me the medium strength hold that I was looking for. I usually use it on my bangs to keep them from exploding in the humidity and it does the job well for me. When I used it on my entire head after rolling my hair, my curls lasted exactly like I left them throughout the entire night. And just let me tell you that it was a VERY humid night that night. It doesn't make my hair too crunchy and differently not stiff at all. The hairspray isn't a pain to take out and it doesn't make my hair into a mess of tangles after shampoo-ing it out.

For my sister, though, the hairspray was a disaster from the beginning. She hated the smell and it made her hair very sticky and overly scrunchy even though she applied the littlest amount. Since she has dead straight hair, the curls she put in them didn't even last 2 hours after an application of this hairspray. A definite no-no to the hairspray from her side.

So in the end, this product is something you'll just have to take a chance with. The best thing is that since it's very reasonably priced at Rs.290, you won't be breaking the bank in case it doesn't end up working for you. But if it your thing then you get an excellent humidity resistant hairspray that is going to last you absolutely ages for less than Rs.300. Big time bargain.

Hope the review helps, thank you jollywoodqueen and Cheeky Chic for requesting the review :)

Until next time, tc :)


  1. Its so hard to find a good hairspray with the humidity! I have yet to find one that works well and doesnt leave the sticky or hard effect on my hair. Good review

    I have the Sunsilk Voumizing hairspray and its really nice.

  2. I agree! Can be a pain to find something that doesn't scrunch. I'll try the Voluminous one once I'm done with this. Thank you for commenting :)

  3. hey thanks a ton for fulfilling the request!! =))

  4. hey it really helped man!! btw do u recommend it for oily head,like oily after 24 hrs of washing esp the bangs..though loved the not crunchy,not stiffy part..

  5. another thing im holding a giveaway at my blog.wanna join ??

  6. @jollywoodqueen- thank you for requesting :)

    @Cheeky Chic- I have combination to oily hair as well and I've used it on my bangs even on the second day when they're acting weird. It works fine for me.Just remember to keep the can 15cm or more away from your bangs when spraying and don't over do it It should work fine :)

    Haha of course I'd join in the giveaway! Who wouldn't?!

  7. Glad u did..thought u should know like as returning the favor for good advice..ty

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