Aloha Unhealthy Food!

I can bet I wasn't the only one that got all pumped up to be healthy in 2012 and had a new years resolution to eat healthier food and consume less sodas. I'm not faring too well on that end. No worries, there's always next years resolutions haha.

1. McDonalds McFlurry Oreo - Damn you free home delivery!
2. Chocolate Croissants
3. Three-Cheese Lasagne 
4. Nestle Low-Fat Strawberry Yogurt - It's low-fat! That counts for something right :P
5. Moo Icecream
6- Hardees Mushroom and Swiss Cheese with Fries and lotsa Coke!

WOW not healthy at all! Although the lasagne was home made so that's not too bad I guess. What did you guys think of this post? Would you like more personal posts? Please let me know in the comment below (:

As always, tc.
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