Review-Revlon Matte Plus Long Lasting Lipstick

Revlon is a brand that has become increasingly difficult to find in Pakistan, but everywhere that I went (beauty stores) I saw these Revlon Matte Lipsticks that came with a price tag of Rs. 175. I decide to grab one, although I was a bit sketchy about whether these lipsticks were the real deal or a Pakistani version of Revlon (the latter proved to be true!). This is definitely fake Pakistani Revlon! Anyhoo, the shade I got was 273 which is a rose-y pink.

These lipsticks according to the description that goes on the back are supposed to be 'beautiful, long wearing and lip-conditioning'. As far as the claim of being beautiful goes, the shade that I got really was a very pretty pink but when it comes to the packaging of these lipsticks its a bit on the cheap side (at least for me, I'm not really feeling the red and gold stripes).

Next, the company states that these lipsticks are supposed to be long wearing. This actually depends on the person that's wearing it. If you're someone who licks your lips then this won't stay on for more than an hour, although for me, I can make it work for around 2-3 hours (without having food) before I have to go and re apply it. Therefore the claims that this lipsticks is long lasting aren't very right.

Lastly, the claims of being lip-conditioning are SOO SOO FALSE! This is absolute rubbish since I couldn't even get the lipstick on my lips without applying tons of lip balm beforehand. I know that matte lipsticks tend to be drying but this lipstick wont work for anyone unless they use a lip balm. I'd recommend proper exfoliation and moisturization of the lips before applying this. Even though this lipstick is a pain to put on, I don't find it to be too drying once it is on.

One more thing that I just have to tell you guys is that this lipstick smells like crayons! There's no better way to describe the scent of this lipstick. It bothers me when I put it on but after 5 minutes or so, I get immune to it. The color really is pretty as you can see from the swatches above, and I bear the smell in the name of vanity haha.

Hope you guys like this review. Thank you Flayva for requesting the swatches.

Until next time, tc.
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