Review-Luscious Cosmetics Lipsticks in Creamy Rose and Just Peachy

As some of you may or may not know, a Luscious Cosmetics lipstick in Dreams which I reviewed here has been my nude-but-with-a-hint-of-color-lipstick since the day they launched it. I recently ran out of it and decide to go pick up another since it’s something I wear on a daily basis. To my dismay I couldn’t find Dreams so I decided to build up my collection a little a got two other shades that I hadn’t tried before namely Creamy Rose and Just Peachy.

These shades aren’t very in your face and even though they are a bit more colorful than what I’d usually go for, they can easily be worn to university which is what I do every day without looking too out of place. Wearing lipstick to university may seem a bit much to some, but since I have a huge aversion to lip-glosses, never ever liked them, I choose to go with natural hued lipsticks.

These lipsticks are fairly moisturizing but I’ve noticed that if you wear them without a chap stick or lip balm underneath you’ll find yourself with lips that have noticeable lines. So I’d recommend putting on some lip balm and then applying the lipstick to get line-free application that looks prettier. 

The packaging is pretty sturdy and I can attest to that since I’ve dropped the lipsticks more often than I should and they haven’t snapped in two till now. However, the quantity you get isn’t fair enough for the price. Previously the lipsticks used to be for PKR Rs. 440 and recently they’ve been changed to PKR Rs. 540 without having any noticeable changes made in the quantity or the quality so that kinda sucks a bit. Even though I’m fairly content with the all the lipsticks that I’ve tried I doubt I’d be buying more as a protest to the unnecessary price change (unless I find a color like Dreams, and have to have it haha).

Have you tried any lip sticks from Luscious Cosmetics? What do you think of their recent price changes to most of their products? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time, tc.

Luscious Cosmetics are available widely throughout Pakistan and online here.
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