DIY-Tinted Moisturizer

I love doing DIY stuff, it always makes me feel useful and less wasteful. Tinted moisturizers are something that I've been turning towards more and more since I started university. In all honesty I really don't have the time or the patience in the morning to put on face primer and foundation etc so I make my life easier and use a tinted moisturizer instead. In Pakistan I haven't seen the biggest variety of tinted moisturizers so I looked up a DIY recipe and made myself one. In case any of you guys wanted to know about it, you can have a look down below.

What you'll need-

1. Foundation- I used Marks and Spencer Color Adapt Foundation.
2. Moisturizer-I used Olay Daily Moisturizer with SPF 24.
3. An empty air tight container- I used an empty Maybelline Dream Matte Mouse Foundation jar.
4. Anything to stir the mixture with- I used the back of an eye shadow brush.

Put equal parts moisturizer and foundation or you could put in more foundation depending on the amount of coverage you'd like.

Mix it thoroughly, and TA-DA! You have your DIY tinted moisturizer ready.

Have you guys tried tinted moisturizers, or making them? Are you a foundation girl through and through or do you switch it up with tinted moisturizers at times? Let me know in the comments below (:

Until next time, tc.
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