Haul-Summer 2013! (feat. Wet n Wild, ELF, Revlon and more!)

Well hello there everybody. Semester exams were torturing me immensely and that is the reason why I haven't been posting too often but here I am back with a haul. Surprisingly I haven't hauled in a long time, that needs to be remedied asap! Haha.

Here's everything I got collectively. I'm currently in this lipstick and blusher hoarding phase and I knew that is what I wanted to get the most of.. unfortunately I also got two Wet n Wild blushers but they did not survive and are a crackly mess currently :( thinking of doing a post on them and how to make use of broken makeup. Must add that to my growing list of blog posts to do, who knows, may be one day I'll actually cut things off the list.

Wet n Wild lipsticks. Hello out-of-this-world pigmentation, extreme long lasting power and a semi-matte finish! I had been desperately waiting to try these since ages and when I did get the chance to pick up a few I kinda didn't want to stop haha. Bet thats the story of everyones life. 

ELF has been churning out some really cool releases so a decided to give the much raved about HD blush a go, and the comparatively less talked about baked blush a chance too. This is such a pretty shade, I don't know why these baked little pots of awesomeness don't get much hype in the blogosphere.

Next up are some nail varnishes because if you're Nayab then a haul doesn't finish without some new nail goodness. Check out the glitter packed Revlon beauty and the dual-shade Wet n Wild bargain! Cannot wait to feature these in a NOTD soon. 

So there you have it, Summer Haul Part 1.. Yes, there are more coming up because I have been spending a bit too much on makeup, although I regret nothing ;)

Any products you have tried out recently? Let me know in the comments below :) 

Until next time, tc. 

P.S- My apologies for not being able to comment on almost anyone's blogs since a while, the end of the semester really did get the best of me, but fear not, you comments section will be bombarded with my presence today onwards!
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