Review- Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream

One fine day Nayab was just going about her own business and checking her emails when a message popped up asking whether she'd like to review the Garnier BB Cream courtesy of the Pakistani Beauty Blogging Community, Nayab obviously said yes, who wouldn't! Here's what her experience with the BB cream has been like. 

Since this is the first BB Cream that I've tried, I did not have my prior expectations, and although I had read quite a few negative reviews about this BB Cream, I decided to not judge it without it's fair trial and now that I've been using it for over two weeks continuously, I can say that I'm pleased with the product. 

In many of the reviews that I read, what most people were complaining about was it's staying power. If you apply this product as it is and go out in the blazing Pakistani summers, there's no way this is going to last, AT ALL. But don't hold it against this product since nearly all products that perform well otherwise fail to perform for me in the summers. So what do you do? You improvise, and you figure out a way to make it work because I did love the glow-y effect that this BB Cream gave.

So what I do now is I apply the BB cream, and set it with a good powder, simple as that. My choice of setting powder has been Rimmel's Stay Matte or Maybelline's Dream Matte Powder. If you guys have had a bad experience with this BB cream then I urge you to give it another shot after setting it with a good powder and that should eliminate any staying power issues any one might have had. Plus as soon as these dreadful summers are over and winter comes, you won't even need to do this step. (This way works wonderfully for me, and I'm half done with the bottle already!)

(this picture was taken using flash so you see that subtle illuminating effect it gives) 

So now that we're done with that issue let's talk about the BB Cream in general. This BB Cream definitely gives you a bit more radiance, so on days that you haven't had your proper sleep or there's something missing, I find myself reaching for this over my normal moisturizer. I'd categorize this in the light coverage area since I do need to apply concealer on the epic pools of darkness underneath my eyes. I do feel like acts as a nice moisturizer and I don't get any dry patches around my nose area, which I sometimes do after powdering my face. 

I had also read somewhere some complaints about it oxidizing and casting a grey-ish tint, but honestly nothing of the sort has happened to me or two of my other friends who use the same product so maybe it was just a bad piece that someone got. 

(excuse my cow print sleeping shirt *embarrassed*, here's what the BB Cream look like applied even after 4 plus hours in the heat)

To summarize up the review, I'd say don't treat this BB Cream as a foundation, because it is not. This is, in simple words, a brightening tinted moisturizer that should be ideal for normal and combination skins, not oily. I would highly recommend this to young girls who are just starting out with makeup since younger girls have generally very nice skin that doesn't need much coverage. If you're someone who is accustomed to wearing medium-full coverage foundations, then this product won't do much for you. Even though there are only two shades available I feel like this adapts to my skin tone, unless you're really fair or really tan.



1. Easily blend-able
2. Easily available
3. Gives a radiant complexion
4. Ideal for younger girls and for girls who don't require much coverage
5. Affordable
6. Ideal for everyday use at university etc.

1. Might now work for oily skin 
2. People who require alot of coverage would have to use concealer etc
3. The bottle has to be kept straight otherwise the product can melt in the heat and become runny.

I have had a pleasant experience with this BB Cream, contrary to what my expectations were and I'm almost half out! I would repurchase this again for everyday use but I have my eye on the one for combination skin so I'll be trying that out next. 

Hope you guys liked the review, and I'll be back soon :)

Thank you to the Pakistani Beauty Blogging Community for generously providing me the BB Cream and giving me the chance to try it out.

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