Review-Wet n Wild Mega Last Lipsticks

Wet n Wild lipsticks, although dirt cheap, have been on my wish list since ages! It's incredibly hard to get a hold of them here in Pakistan! You lucky Americans and your huge Targets. When my friend was coming over from the States I decided to ask for a couple of these little tubes of pigmented awesomeness.

Now what all these lipsticks have in common is that they are super pigmented! The finishes vary from creme to matte and as expected these are a bit drying so having a lip balm underneath is a must. The packaging is a bit flimsy and I'm always scratching the lipsticks when putting the cover back on but for $2, I can't really complain. The best part- they do not budge for a good 4 hours even with a little bit of eating and drinking. The darker colors last even longer! 

L-R : Rose Bud, In The Flesh, Mauve Outta Here, 913B, Cherry Picking, Sugar Plum Fairy

Rose Bud on my lips comes off as a combination of pink and a bit of coral. An easy to wear everyday color that lasts for around 3-4 hours with minimal eating. Fades of nicely and doesn't leave a ring of lipstick around your lips that looks highly unappealing. 

The perfect nude for Olive skin tones in my opinion. It may come off as darker on fairer skin tones but on me its a faff-free nude that doesn't wash me out. Again, appropriate for everyday wear and the lasting power is the same, around the 4 hours mark. 

I had alot of expectations from this blue-based almost lilac-y color but I just don't find myself reaching for this over and over again. This deepens my skin tone, which would make it the perfect color for someone who wants to look tan but there's just something about this that doesn't work for me. If you're a fan of pale lilac-y lip colors then this should be the one for you! 

 I have no idea why this doesn't have a proper name like the others but for me this is almost identical to Luscious Cosmetics Signature Lipstick in Dreams which has been a firm favorite of mine, the only thing is this has better staying power so yaay for that!

This is for all the bright lovers out there, a true super bright cherry pink which makes your teeth look super white. LOVE this shade! Lasts even more than 4 hours and leaves a lovely stain behind! Double thumbs up from me :) Unfortunately my camera wouldn't pick up its true color so I had to settle for this but trust me when I say this is a must-have for bright lovers!

This was the hardest color to picture, the camera just couldn't catch the right color and although it is the darkest, vampiest out of the bunch, it is what I wear the most! This is without a doubt going to be the first color that I finish. It look much darker in the tube but is a lovely surprise on the lips. Below is a picture of me wearing this shade and it's true color. 

Whew! That was quite a few haha. Below is a collage of all the lipsticks side by side in the same order as appearance so you could compare the colors and choose whatever suits your taste. 

L-R  : Rose Bud, In The Flesh, Mauve Outta Here, 913B, Cherry Picking, Sugar Plum Fairy

Price- $2-2.999 
Availability- American Drugstores
Hope you guys liked this post! Alot of swatching went into it haha :) Do you have any Wet n Wild lipsticks that you can't live without? Or any other cheap lippies that perform amazingly for the price? Let me know in the comments below :) 

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