OOTD-Ari Roland Jazz Quartet

Hey guys, happy October to you all! Here's my first OOTD- outfit of the day. I was going to a Jazz concert at PNCA, Islamabad a few days back so decided to take a few pictures of what I was wearing. This is my first time posing and shooting, so excuse any funny pictures haha.

In case anyone's wondering, the Ari Roland Jazz Quartet are originally from New York and they were here in Pakistan, to play for the second time. Since jazz music isn't really much of an interest garner with us desi's, some Pakistani tabla, flute and sitar players were present as well to bring a local touch to the jazz. Both kinds of musicians hailing from different parts of the world's played separately and together. No matter how mind-blowing they were when they performed separately, the most unique and mesmerizing of melodies were created when they collaborated. Here's to hoping their unity can be an example for many others of us :)

Sorry for the rambling, behold-

I went for a simple three-quarter sleeved black shirt that was looking a bit too plain Jane alone, so i decided to accessorize it with a long red and black beaded necklace that complimented it perfectly. I paired that with an over-sized brown leather bag, skinny blue jeans and ballet flats.

What do you guys think? Would you like more outfits of the day and night? And also what would you prefer - shalwar kameez or western attire? Since I'm comfortable with either I can do both.

Until next time, tc.
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