I'm Loving It-September

Hey girls. September was a long month to get rid off but I'm glad we're into October finally! I can't wait for the winters and the jumpers and boots to come out of their hibernation. I'll keep the introduction brief - the following are my favorite's which I've been using on repeat throughout the month of  September.

1. Aeorgaurd's Tropical Strength Insect Repellant- I'm sure all of you can guess why this is in my September faves. With the Dengue literally all around us, one can never be too cautious. This is what I've been applying to be safe because for me Mospel just wasn't doing the job.

2. Palmer's Olive Butter Body Lotion- If there's anyone out there with dry skin, I can guarantee that a dollop of this body lotion will moisturize their skin like no other. People with all types of skin tones can use this but beware since this isn't a light-weight moisturizer. When you put it on you feel it. I personally don't like having heavy creams on me but I sacrifice with this one since the results are soo much better than regular body lotions.

3.Katie Price's Angel Uncovered- I really don't know too much about Katie Price except that she's always in People Magazine for whatever antics. I got this book as a gift and loved it. It, in my opinion, perfectly captures how a woman grows into a stronger and much more confident version of herself. The story is that of a world-famous model, married to a world-famous football star with all the Hollywood gossip and backstabbing drama that ensues. Since I'm a sucker for the-lives-of-the-rich-and-famous-kinda books I enjoyed reading this one thoroughly.

4. Bath and Body Works-Sea Island Cooling Cotton Mix- Everybody needs good quality body sprays in case they want to survive the summers that Pakistan unleashes on us without smelling. This is something the definitely did the job for me with its clean and crisp scent. I kinda forgot about this, but after seeing it on Pandora's Box's Top 10 , I took it out, put it to use, and I've been loving it!

5. Johnson's Baby Oil- I don't know if it's only me or not, but there's nothing that can take off water-proof mascara from my eyes once it's on. I've tried literally everything! The only product that can is this baby oil. Yes, it leaves my skin feeling icky and extremely oily afterwards, but I'd rather have oily skin that I can easily cleanse off later on instead of raccoon eyes that remind me of the previous night's mascara!

6. Nivea Pearl and Shine Lip Care, The Body Shop's Lip Butter in Sweet Lemon, L'Oreal Eyeshadow Quad in Aishwariya's Greens- Firstly, my apologies for the horrifically unfocused picture, I tried and tired but my camera just wasn't focusing and since I have zero patience when it comes to adjusting my camera's setting I left the picture like that. The two lip products can easily be put into my Summer Favorites since I've been using and loving these items for much more than September. The quad is one of my go-to palettes, and I mostly just sweep on one color and even that brightens up your eyes. The shadows are very soft and pigmented with the exception of the matte brown, which just doesn't show up. The rest, though, give of a lovely highlighter kinda sheen and can be easily worn together as well.

Hope you guys enjoyed going through these products :)

Until next time, tc :)
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