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Well hello there and welcome to my blog! This beauty, home and style blog is where I, Nayab, like to put up posts about things I like, love, hate, wore, bought, ate and did! This little space on the internet is my baby that I work hard on and I hope you guys like what you read :)


Hiya guys, here's another NOTD for you guys! I'm soo glad I started this blog, because now I get the motivation to get up and do the nail tutorials that I watch on YouTube so I could post the pictures here. Previously, I used to watch tutorials on YouTube, and watch some more, and watch some more and that's about it lol. This is, once again, a very basic nail art, and the idea or method isn't mine therefore credit goes out to whosoever's this idea originally is.

The base color nail is French Apricot by Wet n Wild which I also used to do this polka dot nail art.


I know the design isn't one of the neatest in the world and you can definitely see the differently sized flowers because I wasn't very consistent with my dotting (takes practice!) but TRUST ME, when I say that it looks freakin awesome from a bit of a distance. I doubt anyone would be getting this close to your nails so the tiny little mistakes that you inevitably will make- don't worry about them at all. I got lots of compliments at university for this and a couple of girls even asked me if they were stickers! So I guess, this nail art was a success :)

Until next time, tc :)


  1. aww thats so cute n i love the base coat color:)

  2. hey we arent sisters, right??check this page out..http://wemakeupblog.blogspot.com/2011/09/flower-power-nails.html#comments
    something look familiar??lol

  3. OMG! Did you watch the same nail tutorial on YouTube? Because I remember the way you have done it is how the girl did her nails, but I couldn't do it on mine since I have short nails and it just looked messy! How cool to know that others are watching and trying out the same things as you :)

  4. yeah i so watched that one..that was sooo simple i couldnt help not doing it.just take a smaller dotting tool.Do u use the original dotting tool or alternative?My nails are short too .thats why they gor a lil messy :P

  5. I don't have a dotting tool at hand so I just used the back of a rounded bobby-pin to make the dots. I hope to get some different sized dotting tools from somewhere soon :)


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