Review-Clean and Clear Oil Free Moisturizer

I don't know if it's only me or others as well, but I have this thing that no matter how satisfied I am with a product, I'll always have the urge to go out and buy something else in the hopes that there might be a better product out there. That is how I came to get my self this Clean and Clear Oil Free Moisturizer. This oil- free moisturizer claims to aid in the prevention of blemishes and is supposed to be non-greasy and non-clogging.

Now starting with the basics, for Rs. 120 you get 125ml worth of product and compared to other moisturizers this is VERY decently prized. The price is what made me initially hesitant about the product since it was very cheap.  The bottle is plastic and nothing fancy, but I'm glad this isn't in a tub because that's not the most hygienic of ways to keep your moisturizer and this way I can control the amount of product I take out.

I did have a not-so-nice reaction when I opened the bottle for the first time because all this water leaked and got all over my hands. Now the water wasn't anything disgusting , per se , but still - since it wasn't something I was expecting I went all 'Ewww'. Lol. If this was a one time problem I would've been cool with it but every time I need to apply the moisturizer, there's always a bit of water that leaks out. So my suggestion to avoid that would be to shake the bottle thoroughly before opening before every use and to keep it upside down.

Now coming to the product itself, I'd say that it does combat oiliness but at most for 2 hours or so. Not more than that which is a disappointment since this being an oil free product I expected it to last a few more hours. It is very light to apply and soaks in to the skin within a minute or two, at most. My skin didn't start flooding with oil after two hours but I could tell that my T Zone had started to get oily, nothing major though. Upon application the moisturizer isn't particularly heavy which is something that is to be expected of an oil free moisturizer. It was a bit runny and almost resembled a gel like consistency, but the product is cream based, not gel based.

Clean and Clear Oil Free Moisturizer doesn't have any SPF in it, which is a downfall in an other wise okay product, maybe that is why it's budget-friendly. I won't be buying this product once I run out not because the product isn't good enough but because I have other moisturizers that do the job just like this one with the added benefit of SPF, which is something that I strongly believe in, irregardless of whether its summers or winters.


Hope you guys liked the review. Please comment below if you have any other questions regarding the product.

Until next time, tc :)
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