NOTD-Yummy Choc Cream!

Hello everybody, hope everyone's doing well. Here is my very first NOTD. Please be kind and don't mock my almost non-existent nail polish application skills! Haha. Let's see if I get better with time and posts. The color I used was a beautiful light nude-ish brown that didn't make my skin look darker. I wasn't in the mood for something outrageous so I decided to give this a go. Please comment below and let me know what you think, and whether you'd wear this color? I know it's all about the peachy tones and oranges this season but I haven't really been loving that trend so decided to go for the good old light brown that I had lying around.

The nail polish is in the shade 1042 Choc Cream by Sweet Touch! It was very affordable from what I remember, around a hundred rupees I think! Bargaiiiin! LOL

How does it look guys? Are you people all over the coral-y trend or would you stick with your basics like me? Let me know. Take care until next time. xx
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