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Apology Haul

Hiya! The lack of posts from my side is not my fault. I have at the very least 10 posts written but due to the absolutely RUBBISH quality of broadband that PTCL provides and an even more pathetic customer services department I couldn't upload them. My internet hadn't been working since almost a month. After calling a gazillion times to get it fixed I decided to get to the root of the problem and just get the damn thing disconnected! But PTCL had other plans and they wouldn't even let me do that! I could go into the details and bash the PTCL people and rant on and on. Or I could show you a haul of bits and bobs that I've collected over the past couple of days. Let's call it an apology haul for the lack of posts!

Here we go guys,

The first out of the three nail polishes that I got was by Flormar. There was no name on the bottle only a number which was 112. It's a basic reflective silver.

The next one was teal blue-ish shade called Grafitti by Golden Rose.

The last one was basic dark blue by the name of Glamour. It was by the company Classics.

Since I have black heads on my nose emerging constantly I decided to get a few black head removal nose strips since I never have any at the time that I need them the most. I just picked them up randomly. These ones are the Deeply Absorbent Nose Strips by Revitale.

This eye-liner is my holy grail eye liner. It is the Rimmel London Exaggerate Eyeliner in the shade Black. Many bottles have been emptied out by me of this product and this one's just a back up. I have never used any other eyeliner because compared to this one they seem very hard to use. It has a pen like tip which makes application a billion times easier and you get the blackest black color out there.

My recent favorite lipsticks are the one's that Luscious Cosmetics have been making. Affordable and size-friendly!
The shades I got were Dreams which is the perfect nude brown that doesn't wash out my skin color. This is my second tube of the same color, I'm barely left with any in the first and I really wanted a backup. The other shade is in Desire and my mom bought it for me so I don't know what the shade is since I haven't gotten around to opening it yet!

Some hair care products. The L'Oreal Elvive Smoothing Shampoo and the Mrs Marino Hair Softener are repurchases where as I'm trying the Sunsilk Shampoo in Black for the first time! Wish me luck because I haven't had the best of experiences with Sunsilk shampoos!

Just some moisturizers that I can't help but collect. The first is the classic Nivea Blue Tin moisturizer that I believe everyone has tried. Next is one of Vaseline's newer products which is the Healthy White Body Moisturizer. It's supposed to keep your body's complexion from changing due to the sun. Let's see how that works out. Last is a Cocoa Butter Super Moisturizing Body Lotion by some random brand. I haven't ever tried it before or heard of it but if it moisturizes my skin, then all will be good :)
Here is a collective picture of the stuff that I got! In the picture there are two products which I forgot to get a close up of. One is a basic Nivea Body Wash and the other is a French Manicure set by the brad Classic (mentioned above, as well).

Not beauty related, but I got these traditional Pathan-ish earrings. Aren't they pretty!?

That seems to be it for now, I'll hopefully updates soon. Tc x


  1. Welcome back hon. It's good to have you back. Great haul. Good luck with the sunsilk. Has not worked well for me. I have yet to try lipsticks from luscious. Have tried their glosses etc. Love their eye pencil called rockstar.Looks divine in the evenings. I loooove the Afghan earrings. Really pretty.

  2. Thank you :) I did a review on one of the the lipsticks from Luscious Cosmetics, check it out if you have time :)

  3. hey how much did u get the cocoa lotion for?and are dreams and desires lipsticks??which brand?and that blue nail color how much did it cost ..cool shopping..not fan of vaseline though..

  4. @Cheeky Chic- I honestly don't remember but somewhere between Rs.300-400. Yup Dreams and Desire are lipsticks, they're buy Luscious Cosmetics, and if I'm not wrong they are around Rs.440. You can read my review for the Dreams lipstick along with swatches if you click on the link below-


    The blue nail polish was somewhere between Rs. 150-200. Sorry I'm terrible with remembering prices.

    Thank you for commenting :)

  5. I sorta guessed u wont remember the tags . neither do i unless i keep the receipts..lol
    oh i have used luscious ..great stuff
    actually i bought this delon cocoa one in Canada so i wanted to compare rates ..how gud/bad u found it?

  6. Oh okayy.. It wasn't anything special. Just a normal moisturizer, but it isn't too heavy and I like that :)

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