Favourite Perfumes!

Hey guys! I'm on a rollll today, I completely re-did my moms room while she was away at work, and I think it looks pretty decent :) The only thing is I opened all her packaged candles that she never lets anyone even touch, let alone open so hopefully I shall not be hanged for the crime that I committed :P Since I don't have anything better to do, I'll do my favorite perfumes collection! Yaaaay!

So let's start rolling, the perfume above is Calvin Klein's EUPHORIA and the one that I happen to have is a limited spring edition one. It has a very delicate summery, flowery scent, it has a sweetness to it that's not too fruity in my opinion, and that's how I like it. It's a floral scent and according to Google it has base notes of white sandalwood, clear frozen musk and amber. The packaging is really pretttty! It's a weird shaped glass bottle, and it has a silver abstract on it, the perfume itself is of pale pink, it almost seems clear at times. 

This one here is INSOLENCE by Guerlain Paris! It's has the most beautiful packaging out of all the perfumes that I have.. maybe it's because of the purple color and the spiral-circular bottle, that is so unique, but still, my favorite design. Coming to the perfume itself, the scent is very unconventional a bit stronger than my other perfumes, but as the color suggests it has notes of violet in it.

One of the most mesmerizing perfumes I've ever smelt is ESSENCE by Narciso Rodriguez. Good God! According to the Google, Essence is a pure, sensual, luminous fragrance with a modern heart of musk. A layer of rose petals creates a radiant impression, and hints of amber and powdery iris bring the scent to completion. In my words it's a very unique scent that's not on the sweet side, not on the musky side, not on the strong side. It's a beautiful scent that has great lasting power.

The next is this cute little bottle of CHLOE by the Chloe fashion house. It has a very similar scent to Pleasures by Estee Lauder. Very delicate and girly packaging. Very feminine, LOVE IT!

This one I'm sure everyone recognizes lol! It's the Body Shop LYCHEE BLOSSOM euade toilette. It's a fruity smell, kinda sweet but if applied properly it doesn't disappoint.

This beautiful bottle is of PLEASURES by Estee Lauder. It's my moms favorite perfume and she has gone through bottles and bottles of this perfume. It has a very sensual scent, one again its not fruity. Google says it has notes of lilies, roses, violets, exotic blossoms and fragrant woods. Lovely combination, it seems very timeless and classic :)

Yes that's right! That is  MADEMOISELLE by Coco Chanel! This one's kinda shared between me and my mom, and as you can see barellllyy and has been used lol. It's a tiiiiny bottle which cost a lot. As for the scent itself Sephora says it's a sexy, fresh oriental fragrance the recalls the irrepressible spirit of the young Coco Chanel. The signature Classic Bottle is perfect for the dressing table or for traveling.

The perfume above is ANGE OU ETRANGE by Givenchy.This one is a comparatively stronger perfume that the ones that I have. Honestly when you spray it on you at first it's not the most attractive scent in my opinion but let it develop for a few moments,and you will be blown away. It's a very sexy night time scent which has really good lasting power:) which is always a plus point.

So that was that about my favorite perfumes, I had fun making this blog and hope you like it too.I have a few more perfumes that I have collected over time, maybe I'll write about them later on. 

Please take note that the scents are described according to me and may vary from yours or someone else's opinions of the very same perfume! 

Enjoy the lovely monsoon girls, tc :)
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