The 25 Most Expensive Shops in the US

Hey guys :) I was just browsing through MSN  a while back and I came across this list of the 25 most expensive shops in the US! I was intrigued and clicked on the link, what awaited me truly blew away my mind! To imagine that a person might be spending such a preposterous amount of money on clothes or accessories is mind boggling, at least for me. I believe in the saying " To each his own", so I have no issues with how people spend their money :) The names are listed below and after the name is the amount written that a customers spends in the shop on average per visit! Let me write the last line again in CAPS so everyone can read it better. ON AVERAGE PER VISIT!! Without further ado, here's the list-

1.Oscar De La Renta-$3,217
2.Giorgio Armani-$2,881
3.Loro Piana-$2,818
5.Max Field-$2,258
7.Bruno Cucinelli-$2,038
10.Alexander McQueen-$1,847
11.Tom Ford-$1,979
13.Ascot Chang-$1,752
15.Marissa Collections-$1,608
16.Dolce and Gabbana-$1,595
17.Wilkes Bashford-$1,564
18.Bottega Veneta-$1,562
19.Kleinfeld Bridal-$1,508
20.Morris and Sons-$1,507
22.Vera Wang Bridal House-$1,493
24.Saks Jandel-$1,457

To my surprise, I didn't even recognize all the designers! Haha :p Anyways, the question is, in case you receive $3,500 and it is mandatory that you spend it in one of these shops, then where would you spend it and what would you buy? If it were up to me, I would purchase a black quilted Chanel handbag which usually falls between $2,200-$3,500 <3

Until next time ladies, keep dreaming! (lol)

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