Surprise Polishes In The Mail

Being in Pakistan, I was always ooh-ing and aah-ing over subscription services and what it would feel to have a dainty little package land on my doorstep each month with contents unknown. It was definitely a given that as soon as I went away on an extended holiday to America, I would be trying out at least one. Since I was very specific with the makeup I wanted to pick up, I decided to go for a nail subscription service, and what's more popular than Julep Maven at the moment? Not much really. I'll link the website at the end of the post so in case any of my American readers are intrigued by the idea, they can know more about it. 

So basically all you do is film out a simple surgery through which the website determines what nail colors you will receive in your monthly box. These are the colors I got and in all honesty, the pink and the yellow shades are not my cup of tea -that purple thoooo! I'm all about purples and this one is the prettiest one I've come across in a while. 

I'll be updating this post with swatches later but until then, you guys, let me know what you think of these polishes in the comments below - are they your cup of tea? Does the idea of a monthly nail polish subscription intrigue you? Lemme know - until next time, tc. 
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