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Bath & Body Works Haul

I believe no trip to the States is complete without a little Bath & Body Work hauling'. Sadly with me going over and beyond the weight limit - there was no way I could hoard candles and bring them back home - but I definitely could make space for a few body mists. 

When it comes to body mists, I know for a fact that none will last beyond two hours, so I never take body mists seriously or spend too much on them. With BABW giving a good 50% off the originally reasonable price tag, I picked up a few without really sniffing them - just going by the names haha! I'm happy to report out of the five I picked up, four of the scents are right up my alley. Ofcourse, as I waited on the till i couldn't resist picking up the re-packaged and re-formulated hand pocketbac hand sanitizers! I'm so happy with the change in packaging because these ones are even more compact and fit into even small places haha. 

Regular price for body mists - $6
Regular price for pocketbac - $1.75 

Hope you enjoyed my haul, until next time. Tc xx


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