The Latest Collection From Essence Cosmetics

In case you guys don't know, I am potentially the biggest fan in the world of Essence's Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner - I have converted everyone that I know of onto it and always have a backup, or three (lol) in my collection. As a brand, Essence has always intrigued me since its super affordable, has a variety of stuff and easily available in Pakistan. I definitely jumped on the opportunity when I was asked whether I'd like to check out some products from their latest collection. 

Although the latest collection is quite extensive, what I got was - 

Essence Eyebrow Gel
Essence Silky Touch Blush
Essence Stay All Day 16H Foundation
Essence Liner Brush

The stars of this collection without a doubt are the foundation and blush! These have become a staple in my makeup bag and I even took them away with me on holiday (now that's something) since I was only taking with me the very bare necessities. I rarely ever wear foundation so taking this with me is definitely a testimony to how great it really is. 

So starting with the foundation - while it doesn't last the 16H it claims, it does last well (around the 8 hour mark) and wears beautifully. I have combination to oily skin so trust me, if it were any other foundation I was wearing whilst out and about being a tourist in the super hot Chicago summer, I would have been an oil slick! Not with this foundation though. 

The shade I received is a bit too light for me at the moment but there was no grey-ness or an over cast on my face even after wearing it for a while. With the semi-matte, medium coverage finish that it gives and a super reasonable price tag - I'd say if you're a foundation wearing person on a budget - this is one you really need to try! 

How gorgeous is this shade!? I could not wait to try it as soon as it landed on my doorstep and I assure you, when Essence named this their 'Soft Touch' blush - they were not joking. This has to be the softest and most bendable blush that I have come across in this price range! Seriously impressed. The shade itself is perfect for that no makeup-makeup look where you don't want to look like you're wearing any makeup but still have that flushed look. The only two downsides to this were that being as soft as it is, it does have a tendency to become powdery in the pan when you swirl your blush brush around and secondly, the color definitely won't show up on skin tones darker than mine. Is it a staple for someone on a budget  - oh yes it is! 

Now coming on to a non rave-y note - I did not get along with the eye brow gel :( It was something I was super excited for with brows being all the rage and high-end pomades being released left and right - but the color just did not work for me and this did not last a long time on my eyebrows at least. I must mention though that I literally have the sparse-est eyebrows in the world, so if you're someone with better eyebrows that only need a bit of tinting, this might work for you. At such an affordable price point, there isn't much to lose. 

All in all, as a concluding note for this collection, I would say that it has its gems (the foundation and blush) and its dude (the eyebrow gel). If you guys want my opinion on what to purchase from this collection, the foundation and blush are must have! Trust me you won't regret it :) 

What are your favorite Essence products? I'd love to try some more gems - let me know in the comments below. 

*This collection was sent to me for my blogging consideration - that in no way changes my opinion on the products. 
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