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Monday Mani- Purple Holo

Monday Mani, not quite, given how its Wednesday. You guys will have to forgive me, I started this series called Game of Thrones (yes, I just started, very late on the bandwagon) and I have NOT been able to stop. A phenomena like this has never occurred before, I watched two seasons in TWO days and now I'm half way done with the third one. This post never would've come up had my eyes not started watering due to my excessive obsessiveness. Oh well, you guys get to feast your eyes on a pretty purple polish as a result of that :)

The Born Pretty Holo, as the name suggests, is from the Born Pretty Store. I'll be honest, the bottle that the polish comes in is super teeny-tiny, I can't imagine getting more than 4-5 uses out of it, which is a shame since it is such a pretty color. I don't feel like this is a completely holo polish since only in certain lights, you can see the true holo-ness (is that a word?!) of it. Nonetheless, its a pretty shimmery purple that looks stunning in certain lighting, wish it was like that throughout, but oh well.

This particular piece along with the rest of the holo polishes, is reduced to only $6, here. And if you'd like a coupon code to further reduce the price, use the code LJL91 upon checkout! :)

Until next time, tc.


  1. hey Nayab lovely color,whats the payment method at the site?

  2. That looks like a gorgeous colour! It's a shame the bottle's so small - hate it when that happens and the polish is decent.

    Rachel xo

  3. lovely and looks so cute on your hands ^_^

  4. this is a gorgeous shade Nayab :)

  5. lol...I love GOT! and this shade would do well in the series :p xx

  6. This is such a gorgeous shade!

  7. woaah that's a great color:) love the metallic effect <33

  8. Whoaa what a gorgeous holographic shade. ♥

  9. this is quite a glamorous shade :)

    Fellow Bblogger from PBBC following you to show support :)
    Incase you are already not following me do follow back and return the Love <3

    Red Alice

  10. I nominated you for Versatile Blogger award


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