Art Deco Bloggers Competetion

So a while back, just before Eid, I got an invite for the Art Deco Bloggers competition where a look using Art Decos latest collection, Color and Art, had to be created. Being a purple and blue lover through and through, those are the colors I opted for immediately along with some colorful liquid liners and blue mascara. I promise, the look isn't as crazy as it sounds haha. And this time around, I chose to do the look on my sister, since it makes everything soo much easier.

There you have it guys, super simple! I started off with using the blue/purple-y shade all over the eye lid then followed it by a layer of black, white and indigo liner and some blue mascara. For the lower lashline, I used a blue eye pencil and the same mascara to really make the eyes pop (at least that is what I had in mind haha). 

What do you guys think? Yaay or naay?

Let me know in the comments below :) 

Until next time, tc.
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