Mani Monday- Revlon Ritzy

Being a very lazy person, I'm trying to have some sort of posting schedule so I don't have huge gaps in between posts and have some sort of a routine to them. So, here's the first change, NOTD posts will now be every other Monday, hopefully haha! Let's see how long this lasts lol. 

Revlon Ritzy, whilst being in the bottle, is almost my favourite nail polish. The gorgeous glitter chunks contrasting with the black, yes please! Unfortunately, that is not how it translates on to the nails. On my nails, it is thick and gloopy, the glitter chunks don't spread evenly and the texture isn't smooth. My nails looked like they weren't left to dry properly and it just looks messy. Definitely requires two coats, and oh dear Lord, the amount of time it consumed to remove, let's not even get into that. 

 The perfect polish in the bottle sadly doesn't translate to much on the nails. 

Have you ever been disappointed by a nail polish?  Let me know in the comments below :) 

Until next time, tc.
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