Haul-20th Birthday Haul!

I turned 20! Yaay! Am I the only one who is highly ecstatic about the fact that I'm finally, finallly out of my teens! People never took me seriously, saying I was a young teenager?! What the heck! Hopefully that'll change now! Fingers crossed lol. Anyways below are some of the presents that my friends from university got for me! Even though none of them are even aware of the existence of this blog, I'm still gonna say, thank you to everybody who wished me and made the effort to get me something or just be there (:

Burberry Brit-Eau DeToilette
Rampage Eau De Parfum                                                                   David Off Cool Water Deodorant
WARDA 3-peice suit with a printed chiffon duppata and embossed material
Mini-pack of 3 SHE Eau De Parfum
Khaadi Kurta
So the gifts are pretty self explanatory. I got a lot of perfume-y and nice smelling products, hopefully no one's trying to give me a hint! I swear I don't stink haha. I love the kurta from Khaadi, maybe I'll feature it in an OOTD soon.

Btw, my birthday was on July 6th so I'm pretty late with this post! And I had a math exam on my birthday! Why university why? Why would you do that to me on the day that I was born! Lol, I suck at maths, BIG time.

Anyways, hope you enjoyed this post and thank you to all my new followers! My little bloggie is getting more love, yaay! 

And in case you haven't already click here to enter my giveaway! Oh and here's a link to my 19th birthday haul in case you're interested.

Thanks guys for being awesome and I'll see you next time, tc (:
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