Aloha Unhealthy Food # 3

So it's been quite a while since I last did my Aloha Unhealthy Food post and I thought I'd come back with a bang featuring food in this posts that is very far from healthy haha. Obviously this is not all that I survive on but since I'm a university student who is exposed to all sorts of delicious junk food, this is a major in take of my food consumption.

(I wouldn't advise you to go through this post in case you're fasting! Sorry!)

McDonald's Strawberry Cone-Marshmallows
My birthday cake (Tiramisu's Caramel Crunch). Can you spot the confetti around? - Roasters Chicken Burger (although you cant really tell in the picture, the size of this burger was HUGE! The burger alone was the size of a large dinner plate!)
1P2P'S Chilli Bar B Q Fries (very messy to eat, but soo yummy) - Tutti Frutti's Frozen Yogurt <3 (calling myself obsessed is an understatement) 
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Until next time, tc and happy fasting to those who are these days!
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