Haul-Recent Jewellery Aquisitions!

Although in Pakistan the summer sale season doesnt hit too hard, there are always a few bargains here and there that you can find. I recently hauled some bracelets from Stylo and random Afghani vendors in Islamabad. In case your interested to see what I got, scroll down! (:

These two bracelets are from Stylo where they were having their mid-summers sale! Both of these bracelets were originally for around PKR Rs. 700 but they had a fabulous 61% off and I got them for around PKR Rs. 300! Bargain or what!? Although some of the baby gems are missing in the first one if you inspect closely. Too bad I didn't see them in the shop, but I still love it nonetheless.

The first one again is from Stylo, and I'm not really sure about this one. It seems a bit tacky to me now, not in the shop though! Lol, back when I was in the shop I couldn't see anything beyond the fact that it was marked down to a freaking PKR Rs. 300, give or take a few.  The turquoise one on the right was from an Afghan jewellery vendor and he gave it to me for PKR Rs. 150 only!

These two are definitely my favorite out of the bunch! I love anything purple, which again, should be blatantly obvious from my blog haha! I think the guy called them amethyst or something like that, not really sure about that. These are from the same vendor. They were for Rs. 300 and Rs. 250! I feel like they're worth soo much more!

Now a tip for Afghani jewellery shoppers in Islamabad. DO NOT go to the ones in Super Market F-6, they will rip you of like anything! My favorite one is in Jinnah at the back side opposite Milli or Metro shoes, its one of the two,I cant remember, sorry. He was such an educated gentleman, bargained fairly, didn't rip us off. And guess what, the turquoise stone bracelet that he gave for Rs. 150, a vendor in Super Market was selling for Rs. 500! What the heck!?

Hope you guys liked my bracelet haul haha. Leave your thoughts in the comments below and don't forget to enter my giveaway here!

Until next time, tc (:
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