Falling In Love With Chocolate

Falling in love .. with chocolate, all over again thanks to 401 - I mean, go have a look at their page and their jaw-dropping creations before coming back to read this! They're stunning, taste great and are super affordable too - talk about a triple threat haha.

401 is the home-based bakery in Islamabad that will cater to any and all your baking whims and wishes, run by Umair Chaudhry. Over the years, they've built quite the name for themselves and even before I was sent these by the team, I had ordered cakes for my friends bridal shower a while back. Safe to say, I was very pleased!

They're not as frequent updaters on Facebook as they are on Instagram and Snapchat (especially Snapchat) so follow them on these two social media platforms for some drool-worthy cakes all day!

Snapchat - umair1029 (trust me ladies, be ready to be left in awe of these creations)

A little posing never hurt anyone and I wasn't sure how I could show you guys how pretty this delecious gold glittered cake was so I thought I'd pose a bit with it - it's very Bollywood so please scrool down at your own descretion haha. Funny enough - my posing with the cake on my Instagram (view HERE! ) is my most liked Instagram photo of 2016 - guess we desi's do love our posing haha!

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