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Lavender Oil - The Best Hair Growth Secret!

I know Lavender Oil is more synonymous with its soothing and relaxing properties but I'm here to enlighten you guys today on how it is the best kept secret to getting amazing hair. I'm talking crazy hair growth here (at least in my case). It was a while back when I was sent a box full of natural oils and serums to try out and I wanted to make the most of everything given, so I started Google-ing and that is where I came across the links between Lavender Oil and hair growth.

The benefits are unlimited - following are some that I've experinced myself - 

1. Moisturizes your hair
2. Visible decrease in hair fall
3. Visible decrease in dandruff
4. Enhanced new hair growth

Now you have to be a bit careful when using essential oils. From my research I read that it is always best to use a 'carrier' oil when putting essential oils directly on to the skin which basically means you have to mix your essential oil (any) with a regular oil (olive, coconut etc) and then use it.

I use 100% natural coconut oil and mix anywhere from 4-7 drops in it and apply directly to scalp. Let it sit and shampoo as you normally would, and repeat continously for a good month to see results!

Now coming on to the Lavender Oil itself - there are many in the market, some super cheap (that make me doubt their natural-ness) and some super expensive, which obviously can't be purchased by everyone. That is where Dr Kureshi comes in - offering natural and beneficial products in a price range that everyone can afford. Also a bonus is the quanitity you get, I've been usng mine for over a onth and it doesn't even look like I've used much at all!

To know more about Dr Kureshi, their story and check out the extensive range of products they have, please click HERE!

Website - HERE!


  1. Nayab m suffering with severe hair loss i have tried so many products but all in vain now m confused what should i use or what i should't kindly guide me

  2. I was also thinking to get this as my front hair line is thinning :/

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  10. Nice review. I have reviewed the dr kureshi hair oil and toner On my blog. Btw done with the giveaway steps ☺

  11. Nice review. I have reviewed the dr kureshi hair oil and toner On my blog. Btw done with the giveaway steps ☺

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