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Sale Shopping - Ethnic By Outfitters

I love this time of the year, it's sale season everywhere. I really don't have much from Ethnic by Outfitters in my closet, although the kurtas that I do have have lasted me super well. Since it was announec that there was going to be flat 50% off at Ethnic outlets - I was ready to pounce and do some serious shopping. Unfortunately, the sale was on casual stuff, not the karhai type kurtas I wanted but there was still a lot of variety. Problem is that all the kurtas I like only had XS and S sizes remaining - Lord knows I haven't fit into a S size in years haha. I did manage to pick up these too and I'm super happy with them. Love the zipper detailing on the dragonfly kurta. 

Fun fact - the blue kurta has squirrels on it and some random aunty told me I shouldn't wear haram clothes - I was like whattt in the world?!? Anyways, check out the kurtas below and let me know if you plan on getting something from the sale. 

Blue Kurta - PKR 1300 (approx)
Red Kurta - PKR 900 (approx)

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