The Perfect Pamper Session At Home!

While we all love to go to salons and get pampered, who really has the time and extra cash to do that on a regular basis? Definitely not me since I'm always scurrying from uni to my work and attempting to complete a thousand household chores in between lol. That is where at-home pamper sessions come in super handy, and when the products you use are even more luxurious and beneficial than the ones used at salons - I say why not!? 

African Xeminia Scrub

This has to be the most finally milled/crushed body scrub I've ever come across yet it does not compromise on its scrubbing properties. The right amount of abrasiveness in the scrub guarantees that all dead/dull skin will come off - I prefer to vary the amount of pressure I pit whilst scrubbing so I can customize my scrubbing experience to either a strong one or a milder one. I love this scrub since you get the good old salon scent from it, and the tub is huge! It will seriously last you ages and beyond. Soft, supple skin even in the winters; here I come! 

Japanese Camellia Cream

This super amazing scented cream has the consistency that falls somewhere between a whipped cream and mousse-y texture. It literally melts on to your skin and locks in moisture ensuring that no dry skin peeks through during these harsh winters. I love using this all over my body and and even on mynahs throughout the day. Hello amazing smelling, super moisturized hands. 

These tubs are super huge, full to the brim with natural goodness that will last you a long, long time. With New Years and Christmas right around the corner, these will also make perfect presents for anyone that needs some downtime.


African Xeminia Scrub* - PKR 4180
Japanese Camellia Cream* - PKR 4450

*PR Samples
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