Review - DMGM Cosmetics Photo Fix Matte Lip Color

Without a doubt, these are the best matte/liquid lipstick formula offerings I have ever tried! I'm in love seriously. The list of pro's just goes on and on. 

1. Easily available locally.
2. Amazing shade range from lighter to brighter tones and everything in between.
3. The shade Bahama Spice is the perfect Kylie Jenner lips dupe, the finish and color is exactly the same on my skin tone.
4. Super long lasting (lasts longer than the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams)
5. Do not dry out your lips at all.
6. Dry patches on your lips aren't emphasized, if anything the formula is quite moisturizing.
7. The satin/matte finish looks amazing in photographs!
8. The product goes on your lips soo smoothly, almost mouse like, that's how easy it is to spread.

The shades I chose were Bahama Spice and Plum Frost. One is obviously an everyday shade, and the other much more 'loud' - What usually happens in brands is that the formula does not remain the same quality wise from the lighter to darker shades (or vice versa) but I'm so glad to let you guys know that, that was definetly not the case here. 

Now as I mentioned before these really are super long lasting, even more so than the NYX Soft Matte lipcreams so I decided to do an all day test on my hands of both the shades to see how they would fare. Results are below - 

I'm super impressed with how this lasted throughout the day. When it comes to eating and drinking, it does fade away eventually but don't worry it won't come off it patches, it comes off evenly leaving behind a lovely stain. All in all, I'm super duper impressed with these offerings by DMGM* and would recommend them to everybody! Seriously, there is no way you won't like this product.

Price - PKR 1050

Availability - All departmental stores across Pakistan 

DMGM Cosmetics Facebook Page - HERE!

PS - The Bahama Spice shade is a total Kylie Jenner lip dupe for me! Yay! 

Until next time, tc.

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