Grey Hair, Don't Care - How To Rock The Grey Hair Trend!

The year 2015 has shown the color 'grey' a whole lotta loving and the year's only begun. First we had the controversial  50 Shades Of Grey, everyyywheree and now a trend that has been making the rounds on everyone's Instagram feed - The Granny Hair Trend aka The Grey Hair Trend and The Silver Hair Trend. Whether this is a trend to pay homage to mature women who rock their silver/grey locks that time blesses them with like there's no tomorrow, or just a fad - time will tell but one thing's for sure - whether you're 19 or 91, sporting grey hair will make heads turn! Below are images of some of my favorite ladies rocking this grey hair trend, and of course, our very our Maheen Khan, who has been doing the trend justice years before it even began! 

Are you a fan of this #grannyhairtrend? Let me know in the comments below. 

Moving on, here's some inspiration for you in case you want to rock this #greyhairtrend.

Silver hair, white stilleto nails and a matte bright orange pout - what's not to love about this look?

Seriously, this image is silver-braided-hair perfecting complimented by that deep vampy pout!

Oh Kylie Jenner, how many trends will you be the catalyst for in 2015? First it was those lips, now it's that hair!

#hairgoals - love how the color variations show with her hair held up in a pony tail! Simple and sassy!

Not sure what I love more about this look, the perfection that her hair is or her flawless dewy-lit-from-within-skin?

And here's Maheen Khan looking fierce with her silver hair - so desi's if you want to take notes on how you can rock the grey hair trend, let her be your inspiration. 

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