HOTD-Henna (second edition)

You guys might remember a Henna of the Day that I did after Choti Eid this year, so I decided to keep up with the 'tradition' and do one on this Eid as well. My maid is excellent when it comes to creative henna designs and I never guide her when she's working on my hand. This is all her hard work and creativity-nothing is copied from the internet or any other source of inspiration. Do you guys have maids who are very creative when applying mehendi?

Please excuse the awkwardly angled photography, it's really hard to angle my brick of a camera with one hand haha!

So what do you guys think? Yaay or naay? Does the smell of Henna bother you immensly? My brother hasn't come anywhere near me since I put this on lol. Please let me know in the comments below. 
Until next time, tc :)

P.s-You can see my Henna for Choti Eid over here :)
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