Haul-Huuuge Nail Polish Haul

In all honesty, I'm not really THAT into makeup and between makeup and nail polishes, I'd choose nail polishes hands down. That said, I really dont house more than 10-12 nail polishes so I decided to go on a nail polish spree. Since I'm all about adding an array of colors to my non-existent collection, I decided to go with the more economical nail polishes, and many of the ones I bought are local brands :) Here we go-

Here's an over view of everything that I bought, and was bought for me by mom who just came back from a workshop in Bangkok.

These are nail polishes by the local company Glamorous Face. They has tons of different colors and the ones I tried are pretty opaque. These were Rs.80 each. There were no color names written but the shade numbers from left to right are 14, 47, 53 and 11.

These three shades were some of the ones that my mom bought back from her trip. They are probably from a local Thai brand. The company is Anne and Florio and none of these shades have any numbering or names on them.

These two nail polishes are from Avon and they were priced at Rs.180 each. The sparkly bronzey shade doesn't have a sticker so I cant tell you what color it is but the other purple one is called ' Rose Water'.

The first nail polish here is in the shade 'Pistachio' by Sweet Touch and it cost me Rs. 90 only! The other two were gifts from one of my friends. The Maybelline Express Finish surprisingly doesn't have a name on it but the Sally Hansen nail polish is in the shade 'Certainly Cherry'.

These are the last two nail polishes in my haul and once again, these one's are from Bangkok. The company is called Diffi and there isn't any name or number for the polish.

Here's a collective picture of all my recently acquired goodies :) You should expect alooot more NOTD's in the future haha.

Until next time, tc :)
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