Styling Your Hair In The Shower?!

When I was sent the new Living Proof In Shower Styler*, I was quite skeptical - was this just a glorified conditioner being marketed as an in-shower styler? Just seemed a bit too complicated - I mean how does a product that you wash of help you style your hair? I obviously was expecting something very different from what the Living Proof In-Shower Style actually offered.

The Living Proof In Shower Styler is used after you've done the whole shampoo and condition routine, and your supposed to let it sit before rinsing it lightly. Now if you like me expected that this would leave your hair in some sort of professional blow dry look, you'll be disappointed. What this product actually does is take out the stress of styling your hair once you're out of the shower. I don't need to blow dry my hair at a certain angle anymore, all I do is use this and let it air dry. The end result is me being left with an enhanced version of what my hair really is. Softer, less frizzier, tamer and less inclined to poof up in humidity.

Is this a must buy? Not all through out the year but for summer time, YES! My hair is so so difficult to manage with humidity and this helps quite a bit!

Price - $24

Availability - HERE!

What products have you guys been using to deal with this weather?

*sent via Influenster 

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