Top 3 Fashion Trends For Spring/Summer 2017

Hey hey guys! Today I thought I'd write about my top 3 spring and summer trends that I love! While there are some that I can't pull off, I love them nonetheless and love spending hours on Instagram scrolling and watching other people rock them!

1. Cold-Shoulder Tops 

My husband is honestly sick of the amount of cold-shoulder tops that I have haha - anything that I buy these days has to be something that has some sort of detailing on the shoulders, and major points if it's cut-work or just a good old cold shoulder! If you're like me and don't like wearing sleeveless tops, I think this is a great alternative for you guys!

2. Off The Shoulder Tops 

Now like I said, I don't like wearing sleeveless or off-the-shoulders tops, but I love buying these and just not pushing them down my shoulders. This gives any tops/dress a boat next that I loveeee and of course, turns it into wear modest fashion. Once again, it's my obsession with shoulder detailing that makes me gravitate towards this trend haha!

3. Clear-Patch Jeans

Now these jeans caused quite a stir and a half a while back when Top Shop first released them and while I personally would NEVER EVER wear them or be able to pull them off, I love people who can! If I were to ever wear these, which I wouldn't I'm sure there will be a lot of heads turning haha!

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