What To Gift The Man In Your Life

So it was a week or so ago that I came home to a stunning black and gold package that had me intrigued at first glance! I opened it up to find some mens shirt by Brumano - a menswear brand that aims to revolutionize and change the concept of online shopping in Pakistan. Indecent times Khaadi, Generation etc have really stepped up their game when it comes to online shopping, but the options for men were sadly still limited. This is where Brumano steps in - not only is their website super easy to navigate and user friendly, their packaging and customer service is on point! If you're ordering for a friend, the back and gold package will definetly be met with appreciation.

After receiving these two amazing dress shirts, I wanted to ensure that they're of great quality before I recommend them to you guys - since I'm a girl and don't really fancy modeling mens wear - I ask a friend to help out and review these for me. His verdict - THESE ARE GREAT! According to him, he loves the material, it has the perfect amount of stiffness but isn't rough at all. These wear great and he loves the designs - said they could be dressed up or down given the occasion! Check out some of the modeling that I forced him to do below haha. He loves the crisp and tailored look and said this was a great gift for any one!

Check out some of the amazing stuff they have on sale HERE! You won't be disappointed. I'd say if you're looking for a present for any male in your life - give this website a chance, I wasn't disappointed at all and you won't be either! You can choose anything - from belts to trousers to shirts - the options are ample! A big thumbs up from my end!

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