Hair Makeover At Tariq Amin Salon!

So a while back I had the chance to go to the Tariq Amin Salon (that has been re-launched in a swanky new building in Islamabad) and get a hair cut! Now as you all might now, hair cuts in Pakistan never go as planned - the hair dresser will always chop off more than you requested so when I was explaining what I wanted done to my hair, I made it clear multiple time that I want to retain as much length as possible. I'm happy to report that she ACTUALLY LISTENED TO ME and saved as much of my hair length as possible! Woohoo! For that reason alone, I will be going back.

The place itself, is adorned with high-fashion covers plastered on walls and a very open layout so you can see what everyone is up to. The staff is friendly, always offering some tea and coffee and there are no Bollywood tunes blasting over your head so that is always a good thing!

Now coming to the best part - the blow dry! OMG! I have definitely found the place for me when it comes to getting my hair blow dried. It was quick and the volume I had in my hair by the end of the day was amazing! The curls stayed for two days after which I had to shampoo but the volume she gave me, wowow! As someone with super thin hair, I've never had that much volume in my hair, like EVER so this was definitely a treat.

If you're looking for a new place to try our for a chop or or a trim or ESPECIALLY a blow dry - head over to the Tariq Amin salon - you won't be disappointed!

I had my hair cut by Tahira Younas and would recommend her to everyone! Find her on Facebook HERE!

*The services were provided to me free of cost as a blogger.


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