The 12 Hour Colossal Kajal From Maybelline - Review & Swatches!

What I love about this kajal is that it comes with a twist up mechanism meaning no sharpeners needed, ever! That is a make or break point for me when it comes to buying eye pencils and while I still buy regular good old eye pencils that don't twist up and have to be sharpened regularly, I'm always a bit more partial to these ones! This offering from Maybelline is super easy to find, and super cheap too. I'm a liquid liner kinda gal from my top lid so I only ever use eye pencils for my lower lash line. With this I love how it can be applied super easily, glides on and is quite black upon application. It's not the darkest, most black eye pencil I've ever used but I like it.

Coming on to the 12 Hour claims, it definitely is smudge proof.We're in the middle of a heat wave where I live so barely any make up doesn't NOT melt off, this one though - does not give me a case of raccoon eyes so it's pretty great in that regard. The problem is the intensity, the blackness. While the kajal doesn't smudge, it doesn't stay the same shade of black as applied. By the end of my 12 Hour test, the kajal had all but dissapeard from my waterline, not smudged, but dissappeared.

All I would say for this products is that it's cheap and cheerful, perfect for girls who want to apply it and head out for school, it's so easy to fit this anywhere, has great smudge proof properties and excellent for the price but if you're looking for something that stays 'black' throughout the day, this isn't the product for you. 

In the image below, I'm wearing this kajal on my lower lash line :)

Price - PKR 300 
Availability - across departmental store throughout Pakistan

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