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Luscious Cosmetics Launches Face Contour Kit + Swatches!

OMG GUYS! We all know how contouring has taken the world by storm in the last year or so with a plethora of contour kits being released, well I'm very pleased to announce that our very own Luscious Cosmetics has come out with a stunning contour kit for us desi girls! Whether you want to define, highlight or sculpt your features you;ll be reaching for this sturdy palette! I love the compact tin packaging that the powders are housed in, great for traveling with! The indentations on the packaging makes it feel super high end! I'm loving it, seriously. What you get in this nifty kit* are four powders; a dark contour, a medium contour, a highlighter and an illuminator! While I can't say much about the lasting power since I haven't tried the had the kit for long, these powders really are silky to the touch and blend very easily. Also they're loaded with advanced light adjusting technology that will ensure that your contouring looks natural, goodbye to streaky orange oompra loompa faces haha! Check out some of my swatches below! :) 

This kit is now available in stores and online HERE!
Price PKR 2250


  1. I am loving it ^_^ The contour shades look perfect for desi skin tones.. I couldn't find an appropriate contour kit for our skin tones but I guess now I have :D

  2. Wow its so pigmented love the swatches and your honest review :) Thanks for sharing dear

  3. Simply amazing! Its so great that our local brands are coming up with such products that are suitable for our skin tones. Thanks for the first look will wiat for your review!

  4. The dark contour shade looks good for a dusky complexion. Thankx for the review.

  5. This is going on my wishlist!!

  6. Amazing product! Thanks for the review Nayab :) xx

  7. It looks amazing, so pigmented and impressive shades.

  8. Even thought the packaging and colors look great, I still would want to know about the lasting power once you try it on and how does it look after a few hours. Thanks for the swatches x

    Rabeeyah | Rabeeyahs Blog

  9. Its really exciting to see Luscious taking the initiative. Love the swatches <3

  10. Woww a much needed launch by Luscious .. though it appears to be a bit more dark palette .. Thanks for the review dear x

  11. Looks promising hope it works for our desi skin tones as the colors are appearing to be quite dark in the palette.


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