The Weekend Post feat. Bubblelicious

It's been quite a while since I last posted on my little blog, so hello once again, my faithful readers! Hope you have been well. Before I release a plethora of beauty related posts that have prepared over the weekend, I thought about posting a lifestyle-y post of what I got up to over the weekend with my friends.

Here's my outfit for the day featuring a Generation top that I got from*. It was perfect for the weather which has recently been transitioning from pleasant to absolutely-freakin-hot! I regret now all the times spent cursing the cold and wishing for warmer times :( Now that the warmer times have arrived, I'm not sure how anyone will survive the next eight to nine months of relentless summers! We had initially come to the park for a little picnic but given the rising temperatures and the blazing sun, that option was out the window and we decided to head to the mall where if nothing else, the temperatures would be much cooler!

It was there that I decided to make my friend try out bubble tea which isn't widely available in Islamabad. I remember the first time I had bubble tea and being super surprised with how we can pop the bubbles and eat them up haha. I decided to go for a juice-based lychee flavored tea and raspberry bubbles while my friend chose the same but with kiwi bubbles (if I remember correctly) at Bubblelicious (which for Islamabad residents, is located on the Fourth Floor of the Centaurus Mall).

Here's a picture of me awkwardly posing with my bubble tea which I slurped away at quite the pace haha. I haven't tried any of the desserts that Bubblelicious offer but I have tried a whole lot of their juice-based teas and I love them, would definitely recommend giving them a try if you're out and about at the Centaurus Mall, Fourth Floor. Since my camera died, I couldn't really take many pictures but an easy way to spot the place would be it's hut/cottage-y interior.

After our refreshing drinks, we decided to do a bit of retail therapy which I would hopefully show you guys soon in upcoming outfit posts and head home. It's only now after I've started balancing work and university together that I realize how easy it is to fall in a rut without diverting from a set routine and how that may actually bring you down in the long term. While spending time in the park, sipping on tea and doing some lazy shopping may not be everyone's idea of having a good time, it worked super well for me! I could personally feel myself looking forward to the upcoming week now that I had had some 'me' time.

Bubblelicious Facebook page - click here! website - click here!

Here's to hoping I make this a weekly thing. What have you guys been up to? Interested in more lifestyle based posts? Let me know in the comments below! :)

Until next time, tc.

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