Review - Revlon Color Stay Foundation

I don't use foundations on an everyday basis, and only reserve it for special occasions like a wedding or a party, yet I've bought two foundations in the past month, seriously no rhyme or reason! In case of Revlons Color Stay Foundation, I was leaving for my friends wedding and wanted something that was full coverage and would last ages which is what the claims for this particular foundation are, so I got my hands on one. Let's see how it really fared.. 

First things first, this foundation comes without a pump but I've used foundations that lack pumps before so it doesn't really bother me. The fact that the actual consistency of the foundation is non-watery and runny ensures that even without a pump, you're not left with a mess on your hands or down the bottle. Since I chose the shade online, and tried my best to do a lot of research ad swatch examination, the shade I ordered is actually a lighter than what I would wear but a little bit of mixing with one of the darker foundations in my collection, solves that problem.

On to the actual foundation itself, it is freakin fantastic! It stays on for hours without oxidizing or getting patchy along with giving you medium-full coverage with the first layer. While it wasn't necessary, I wanted to see how the foundation fared when a second layer was applied, and boy was I pleased. It didn't get cakey or make me look like a mannequin which is always a good thing in my books haha. I have incredibly dark circles so it didn't completely cover those, but in all honesty I've never had a product that could completely eliminate those pools of darkness beneath my eyes haha. Other than that, all the redness and  unevenness on my face was gone immediately after I applied the first layer of foundation with a very light hand.

The only thing you need to be careful about is being very quick to blend it, otherwise you're in for a ton of buffing and unflattering results. Start with small portions of your face, apply a bit of foundation and immediately start buffing it in before moving on to another part and repeating the actions. The finish you're left with is a semi-matte one, my absolute favorite.

Please excuse the lack of anything on my face in this before and after where I have nothing but good old moisturizer slapped on in the before picture. As is visible, my skin tone is evened out naturally, the redness around my nose and chin area has dissapeared and to some extent my dark circles have also been reduced.
As embarrassing as the before picture is for my to post, I really does show how this foundation gives off a 'natural' finish even though it is a full coverage foundation. While it is not the lightest foundation to wear, I certainly expected my face to feel caked up after application, and I'm glad to report that it didn't.

I would definitely recommend this foundation to those who are looking for something with full coverage and amazing long lasting properties, on a budget! It is believed to be an almost exact dupe of MACs Pro Long Wear Foundation, and while I haven't tried that, I'm more than pleased with my purchase. Also the fact that the combo-oily skin version didn't dry out my face or turn it into a grease ball after a couple of hours is worth mentioning.


American Drug Stores - $9
Local Facebook Stores - Between 1500 & 1800 
I got mine from Beauty Hub (click HERE) for PKR 1500.

Have you tried any of Revlon foundations? Since I'm highly impressed with this one, I want to try out more! Not that I need any more foundations in my life haha.

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