Victoria's Secret Series # 1 - Love Spell & Giveaway Winners!

Victoria's Secret Love Spell is part of their Fantasies collection and is certainly one of their very popular scents. With adorable purple packaging, its kinda easy to see why women would be attracted towards it. Now I'm not the best with identifying all those fancy notes but if you want to read me struggling to describe the scent keep on scrolling down then :)

First off, the scent for the fragrance mist. It is very fruity and floral. Definitely not something you'd like if you are a fan of stronger scents. This is more of a girly, fun scent and the cherry blossom can be easily identified. I've seen reviews where people loathe this but the majority really liked Love Spell since it is more of a universal scent thats kinda hard not to like. The lasting power is that of a typical mist, 2 hours maximum but you can stretch that too 3 hours if you layer it with the matching body butter which claims to be deep softening. 

So is it really? Yes! I've always been a huge fan of The Body Shop body butters and even though these don't feel as rich as TBS ones, they moisturize all the same! Where TBS body butters have a think, creamy texture, these ones are incredibly silky and very easy to soak into the skin. Thye feel much more luxurious since there's something in them that makes your hands and wherever you apply them feel silky. The scent is once again, amaaaz-ing! You can really smell the cherry blossom and hints of peach and I'm guilty of randomly opening the tub to take whiffs of it haha! The fact that the body butter is a soft lilac-y color definitely gets points from me haha.

Overall, I'd say Love Spell is a scent that is potentially a very safe one, but since it's not your typically vanilla-overdose mist I'd urge everyone to give it a sniff since that cherry blossom reallyy makes you want to sniff it again, and again! I love this one and would definetly recommend it to everyone who isn't a fan of strong scents. 

Love Spell Fragrance Mist-$12
Love Spell Deep Softening Body Butter-$12

Now coming on to the giveaway winners! There were a ton of entries but as always not everyone can win. All the entries were verified and the two winners who were randomly selected are-drum roll please- 1. Mona Saeed (GFC) who will be getting the ELF eye set along with the Revlon mascara and 2. ChickLitGirl (GFC) who will be getting the Victoria's Secret Body Butter and the Wet n Wild lippie! Yaaay! Hope you like your prizes girls :) 

Until next time, tc :)

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