Aloha Unhealthy Food # 4

Long time, no Aloha Unhealthy Food post. Seeing as it was Eid recently, and no one left any stone un turned in stuffing themselves I though this would be the perfect time to put up this post. Rest assured, I won't subject you pictures of more meat :)

 1 & 2. Double Chocolate Donut and a Plain Sugared one-MnM's <3
 3 & 4. Home made shell pasta with black mushrooms-Nestle Yelly! (best quickie dessert I've ever had!)
5 & 6. Afghani Rolls ( I think it's an Islamabadi thing, but Afghani Rolls are basically hot dogs, french fries, veggies and lots of spicy sauces wrapped in a roti, sounds a bit much, but it's yummmy!) - Gujrati Thaali

So there it is guys, a meat free Aloha Unhealthy Food post. I'll try to be more regular in posting there up since I usually do get a lovely response from all of you guys! In other news, I can't believe I'm about to reach 300 followers! Ahhh, soo excited! I'm already planning a giveaway to show my appreciation :)

Until next time, tc :)
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