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Warm Vanilla Sugar

I'm the kind of person who loves good smelling products, which I'm pretty sure alot of people do too haha! Bath products in general are one of my favorites. Sadly in Pakistan we don't have a proper Bath and Body Works outlet and the products that we do get in places like Shams etc, rip the crap off you. Imagine my excitement when a friend coming from the States bought me a little something from Bath and Body works!

Warm Vanilla Sugar has to be the most delicious thing I've ever smelled. It isn't overly vanilla-y which was my biggest fear. I loooove the scent of vanilla but I do think that it is soo soo easy to over do it in and that just ends up making me nauseous. This one doesn't. The lotion is failry moisturizing and the spray lasts on you for about two hours if you keep on sniffing haha. But I guess thats what the deal with most body sprays is. Even if the lotion and the sprays did nothing I still would've applied then because they are THAT great smelling!

Now I just want to try out more and more :(

Body Lotion- $5 (3 fl. oz)
Body Spray- $6 (3 fl. oz)

Have you guys tried any of BBW products? Let me know which one's your favorite :)

Until next time, tc :)


  1. Oooh warm vanilla sugar truly is scrumptious. I totally agree with u. It's quite hard to get a vanilla right. Especially with drugstore brands. Do u know what makes it smell uniquely creamy, yet not overly sweet? It has notes of basmati rice steam. Reminds me of creamy rice pudding haha! But I'm glad it doesn't smell too gourmand. Plz save some for when it's cold outside. You'll really enjoy it then. Also see if u can get ur hands on babw's sensual amber. It's perfect for winters too and a great dupe for victor and Rolf flower bomb perfume.
    Sorry that is one looong comment. But u know how i just can't shut up when it comes to fragrances :p

    1. that it is! basmati rice! seriously!? who would've thought :s haha yup reminded me of kheer too :P oooh really good idea! it should warm me up in the ruthless winters of isbd haha. Oh how I wish I could! I'll definitely keep your suggestions in mind :) Hahah no worries. genuine comments make my day :)

  2. That just sounds so tots yummy.
    What did you use to take these pictures? And how did you get the effect in the first picture?

    1. It really is! Um I used my regular Kodak digital camera, nothing fancy. And the effects were added using the Pixlr application. You can Google it :)

    2. Ooooh. No, I know about Pixlr. It has some really great effects.

  3. I find vanilla-scented products so refreshing! ^^

  4. Yumm. The B&BW's hand sanitizers smell so amazing too!!

    1. I know! And they're so adorrrrable too :)

  5. warm vanilla sugar wow the name says it all:) love B&BW products!



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