Haul-American Haul # 1

Hiii guys! Remember me? I know I have been bad blogger recently and haven't been posting but I do have a very legitimate excuse for that. My laptop decided to act up and somehow my LCD dislocated which basically meant that I couldn't use my laptop. That leads to a very simple equation- no laptop, no blogposts :( Getting that fixed was a lengthy procedure because I had to send it to Dubai where the warranty guys fixed it up for me. 

During this time, my friend from America came down to meet his family and very kindly decided to get my some makeup goodies! Given that everything shown below was bought by a guy, I'd say he did a pretty good job :) Enjoy the haul guys. 

Here's an over look of the makeup that I got. There's a bit of ELF, Beauty UK, Forever 21's Love and Beauty and some Wet n Wild. As you may be able to tell, the Beauty UK palettes weren't too  comfortable during their journey and decided to shatter a bit. No worries though! Something's always better than nothing lol.

Here's a close up of all the ELF stuff, which is what I was most excited for. I love drugstore products and rarely ever use high end stuff and ELF had been on my 'need to try out' list since ages!

Hello Body Shop extravaganza! All my friends know that I loourve bath gels and shower gels, irregardless of whatever brand they're from. But it doesn't hurt to get some as gifts from the Body Shop. I can't wait to try out the body lotion as well! Smells divinnne!

Annnd lastly, how can anyone come from anywhere else in the world without bringing some chocolate? I swear all my relatives and friends bring chocolate for us when they're coming down from abroad. Is it a norm to always get chocolate? Lol, irregardless, this bunch will be disappearing as fast as humanly possible! 

Let me know what you guys think of my recent haul, please. What products would you like to read a review on first? I've been catching up on blog posts from other bloggers like a woman possessed! Soo many wonderful posts to read, so little time! Haha!

Until next time, tc :)
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