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Review-Luscious Cosmetics Lipstick in Dreams

Hello everybody, I hope everyone is doing really well and thoroughly enjoying the monsoon weather that we have at the moment. After the torturous summers that the residents of Pakistan endured, this really truly was a well deserved treat :)

I just noticed that I haven't done a single review in the two months that I have been active in the blogging community so I decided to do one today. Under the spotlight is Luscious Cosmetics Lipstick in Dreams. It is one of my go-to lipsticks and I have repurchased it time and again, but that doesn't mean my views towards it are biased.

With the nude lip trend EVERYWHERE, I wanted something nude for my lips too. My one and only criteria was something that went well with my skin tone and did not wash me out and make me look colorless or just plain funny.

That is when I found Dreams at the Luscious counter at Shaheen Chemist. Although it looks more brownish than nude , it is what is suitable as a nude colored lipstick for the average toned Pakistani. According to the Luscious website, it is a mocha pink.

The packaging for the lipstick is very sleek and compact and it is very easy to just throw in your purse or makeup bag and you wont have to worry about it consuming a lot of space.Inside this tiny tube you get 3.5 gms of product which lasts you for quite a while.

The pigmentation of the product is absolutely great and it doesn't enhances one's fine lines that appear on the lips. I swatched the lipsticks two times to develop the color to its full potential. Following is a picture that shows the true color of the lipstick. 

This product came with an extremely reasonable price tag of around 450 rupees which is truly worth it in my opinion. The pigmentation, texture, size, price and moisturizing qualities are beyond what should be expected for the price. The only thing lacking, sadly, is the staying power. The maximum it stays on your lips is for two hours, and even less if one is to drink or eat anything. Since I've been using Dreams daily since 2-3 months, this is something I claim from experience.



  1. Absolutely love this shade on you. Great nude. I'm so happy you did a swatch with the demo on your lips cuz the color changes when applied on lips.Thanks for sharing. Must buy.

  2. this is such a gorgeous shade!

  3. Thank you girls :)

    @Pandora's Box-That's what I had in mind when I decided to show the color on my lips as well-hope it helped :)

    @Sidrah!!!!-This is my most favorite lipstick, especially when I want to go au naturale lol :)

  4. Wow it looks really great on you! Not sure its gonna work on me or not because i am quite pale :/

  5. @Madiha-I can't say how it'll look on you but you HAVE to go and at least swatch it once to see how it looks!

  6. lovely review!
    love your hair ;)
    following you now, would love it if you follow back

  7. @Rakhshan-Thankyou. You have a lovely blog, I'm following now :)

  8. You look like darling <3


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