Putting Laura Mercier Classics To The Test

Laura Mercier* is a brand that I was aware of and interested in since the pre-Instagram days - I remember reading my favorite bloggers blogs and them always raving about their tinted moisturizers and I always had it on my to buy and try list but I never got around to it - I would have to say it was also because five years back I hated the thought of putting any sort of coverage on my face (the under eye concealing was a wholllle another story though) haha - now that I'm in my late twenties - my face definitely needs some coverage! Lol

I was very lucky to be sent these two cult classics by the Laura Mercier team  - The Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer and the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer - and I have to say - I'm LOVING both these offering but I am a little more in love with the tinted moisturizer. The shade is a bit light for me but there's got to be some sort of shade adjusting magic in it because when I applied it all over my face - I wasn't left with any white cast - neither did I look like a pale vampire in the daylight! Lol

You can definitely smell the SPF in this which isn't the great - but since I really adore everything else about this product - I'm willing to look past this. The Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer stays on all day (image proof down below) - looks super natural - gives a medium coverage that you can easily blend away with your fingers - no tools required unless you want to apply it with brushes and I find that I don't have to slather too much on so you will get your moneys worth when it comes to the number of applications you get outta this.

Right after I applied the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer in the shade Nude - check out the super natural coverage! It felt super light! No editing - taken in front of a window.

Just before I was about to take my makeup off for the day - a good 6 hours later! I had to reapply my concealer before going out and had to retouch my powder but the tinted moisturizer stayed on strong! Yay for that!

Incase you can't tell - I'm in love and I think the next time you are in Sephora - try this out! You'll really enjoy it. While I am still not on board with applying foundation on my face everyday - this is something I've been reaching for and see myself doing so in the future too!

*PR Samples
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