Hello.. Let's Be Friends Again

Yikes! Has it really been a year since I wrote and published my last post on this blog? Unfortunately - yes. Somewhere over the past year my interest in blogging started dying - people were no longer reading actual blog posts and I found that more Instagram followers did not really translate into more readers for me blog - so I just stopped blogging here - there's no grand reason - it really is as simple as that. Over the past couple of weeks though - I find myself looking for reviews and not finding them - no one seems to be blogging and that makes me so sad. There was a time that I would never ever purchase anything before reading blog reviews and now all that exists are pretty picture on Instagram on the latest releases and the bare minimum in caption (I'm super guilty of this!) - so - here I am - trying to change that with my teeny tiny blog that somehow has a tiiiiiny number of regular visitors even with a year of no updates. To those that have still come back in the hopes of a new post - I'm sorry for all the times that you were disappointed - I'm determined to change that with multiple weekly posts.

So lets start this relationship - again.

I'm Nayab - a Pakistani living in Chicago (two years ago I got married and moved here with my husband). I'm currently a housewife and gearing up to start my professional career here within the next two years (on a break due to logistical reasons) - I love love love eating out and trying out new food places with my husband which has made me gain a WHOLE LOTTTA WEIGHT since I've moved to the US - so I'm on a journey to lose that too! I used to be someone who couldn't cook or clean without throwing a tantrum back in Pakistan but I've learned to love doing that too!

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